The Wessex Camping Committee is run independently from the Wessex Band Summer School and has no ties or associations with the Wessex Band Summer School.

Therefore, please direct campsite enquiries to the Following members

Finance and Admin
Becky Cook
Dave Stanley
Vice Chairman / Campsite Manager
John Cotton




There is now advance booking but payment is NOT required.

Please have your form filled in & Pay on Arrival


Other members of the Camping Committee as elected at the Annual General meeting which is to be held during the week of the course and this year it is at 7.30pm on Monday in the Marquee unless otherwise displayed on the notice board


Committee Members
Gemma Hoare
Fran Parker
Tracey Munford
Steve Parker
Ben Parker
Steve Bland
Simon George Mel Parker


Duty Drivers

There is a duty driver system in operation on site. Members of the committee are available from 5 pm to 10pm drive anyone in an Emergency to the local hospital. This facility has been invaluable in previous years for medical emergencies where your party members are unable to drive for any reason.


Duty drivers: Shown on the information leaflet

The remaining nights will be arranged at the AGM and a notice will be in place on the information board.